Intelligent Automation

of Infrastructure Inspections

Automating the Image Review Process

While drones enable the safe and efficient collection of data for infrastructure inspections, the volume of data generated quickly becomes more than human reviewers can manage effectively.


Our technologies automate the detection, classification and reporting of anomalies to provide insightful and actionable data  more quickly and accurately than human reviewers.

Computer Vision & Machine Learning Algorithms

Advanced computer vision algorithms allow us to quickly put industry-specific solutions to work for you.


We continuously enhance these industry-tailored capabilities and intelligently improve detection accuracy over time.

Proven in Rail

RailVisionTM, Ardenna's intelligent automation solution for the rail industry, is currently in use by BNSF Railway to automatically process terabytes of imagery collected by drones during >100 mile BVLOS supplemental railway inspection flights in the United States.


RailVisionTM generates actionable reports in a fraction of the time required by traditional methods and can provide your rail network with unparalleled capabilities.


Learn more about the capabilities of RailVisionTM .

Electric Utilities

Wind Turbine



Extending to the Energy Sector

Leveraging the success of RailVisionTM in the rail industry, Ardenna is introducing its intelligent automation capabilities to the energy sector.


We currently have demonstrations available for electric utilities, wind turbine and pipeline, and we are building out full capabilities with the help of our partners in the energy sector.

Partner With Us

Ardenna is currently working in collaboration with partners in the energy sector to bring these transformative automation technologies to infrastructure inspections in electric utilities, wind turbines, pipeline and solar.


Lead your industry and have advanced access to the latest emerging technologies by contacting Ardenna to discuss how we can work together to revolutionize your asset inspection activities.

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