About Ardenna

Where we come from...

Ardenna was created from the innovative minds of its parent company, Bihrle Applied Research Inc., originally founded in 1973 as an aeronautical research and development firm. Drawing on engineering expertise in the areas of wind tunnel testing, flight dynamics, scale aircraft prototype development, Sense and Avoid technologies, aircraft mathematical modeling & simulation, and specialized software development for the commercial and military UAS communities, Bihrle has been on the cutting edge of aeronautical R&D solutions since its inception.


In 2014, Bihrle’s UAS software development acumen led to a partnership with BNSF Railway and the FAA’s Pathfinder Program to study and develop technologies for drone-based supplemental inspection of railway infrastructure conditions using computer vision technologies.


As the FAA PathFinder Program progressed, it was apparent to Bihrle that there was a significant gap in the overall inspection market for automated processing of the vast amounts of aerial imagery collected during UAS inspection flights. In order to address this gap and focus resources on the development of AI-based technologies and the application of these technologies across a variety of industry verticals in the energy and communications arenas, Ardenna was born.

The Transition...

Initial commercial development by Bihrle focused on the wind turbine inspection use case and explored the use of neural network algorithm development. Since the neural network approach proved promising and the work being conducted for BNSF would benefit from these technologies, Bihrle internally funded the development of a neural network-based railroad crosstie type and condition assessment algorithm to demonstrate the potential to BNSF and incorporated this algorithm into the RailVision product delivered to BNSF.


Recognizing the advantages of the neural network approach and the desire to commercialize RailVision, Bihrle began its internal development of an enhanced rail solution, named Rail-Inspector, that would leverage neural network-based algorithm development to replace the computer vision-based RailVision technologies, resulting in an enhanced solution for it's commercial rail inspection debut.


Working closely with Denver-based industrial rail partner 360 Rail Services to define the industrial rail use case, Ardenna completed development of its neural network-based commercial Rail-Inspector solution, which it is currently offering to rail customers in the U.S. and abroad.

Where we're going...

Ardenna is excited to be part of the UAS revolution and strives to serve its customers by utilizing a combination of computer vision and neural network based development to automate the detection, classification and reporting of anomalies found during asset inspections.


We are excited about the success of our computer vision based RailVisionTM solution in automating BNSF Railway's supplemental track inspections, the success of our enhanced neural network based Rail-Inspector commercial offering and look forward to expanding the breadth of our "intelligent automation" solutions for use in the energy sector, including telcommunications, electric utilities, pipeline, wind turbine and solar.


Our team is not only passionate about the advanced technologies that we create, but we are passionate about the practical application of these technologies to improve the lives and livelihoods of our customers and partners. We promise to listen well, work together, play hard and deliver solutions that will exceed your expectations!

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