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360 Rail Selects Ardenna’s Rail Defect Detection SaaS to Fuel New Drone-based Industrial Rail Yard Inspection Services

May 1, 2019

Drone Aerial Imagery and AI-Based Detections to Transform Rail Yard Inspections with Faster, Safer and more Consistent Methodology.


360 Rail Services, the leading provider of engineering, construction, operations and maintenance services for the rail industry, has announced the selection of Ardenna’s Rail Defect Detection SaaS for integration with their new drone-based rail yard inspection service offering.

Ardenna Announces the 1st Real-Time Automated Defect Detection Capability for UAV Payload Integration

October 2, 2018

Live Demonstrations will be shown at Commercial UAV Expo, October 2-3, 2018 in Las Vegas, NV..


Ardenna, the world leader in AI-based automated defect detection capabilities, announced today the ability to automatically identify defects using software embedded on a UAV payload. The initial embedded solution is for railway track integrity assurance and identifies Obstructions, Rail Breaks and Track Buckling.

Ardenna and HUVRdata Announce a New Joint Solution Combining AI-Based Defect Detection Automation With Enterprise Industrial Asset Management Solutions For The Energy Sector

June 18, 2018

Ardenna and HUVRdata, who announced a collaboration in April to integrate their respective capabilities into one platform, are excited to reveal a groundbreaking joint solution that provides fully automated defect detection, reporting and analytics to the energy sector. This enhanced platform unites Ardenna’s AI-based automated defect detection software with HUVR’s Automation and Enterprise Industrial Asset Management Reporting and Analytic toolset to provide customers with a state-of-the-art solution for industrial asset inspections.

Ardenna and HUVRdata Announce Collaboration to Bring AI-Based Defect Detection Automation to Enterprise Industrial Asset Management Solution

April 26, 2018

Ardenna, the leading provider of automated detection and classification software for image data from infrastructure inspections and HUVRdata, the leading provider of Enterprise Industrial Asset Management Reporting and Analytic solutions to Fortune 500 Energy and Renewables companies, have announced a collaboration to offer an integrated platform.

Bihrle Applied Research Inc. announces Ardenna, a New Venture Focused on Computer Vision and Machine Learning Solutions for Infrastructure Inspections

April 24, 2018

On the heels of its groundbreaking success with BNSF Railway in the achievement of truly automated long-range UAS supplemental track inspections, Bihrle Applied Research (Bihrle) announced today that it is spinning-off its computer vision and machine learning capabilities in a new venture called Ardenna (, which will offer solutions for the automated detection, classification and reporting of anomalies found during the inspection of critical infrastructure. While Ardenna will continue to offer the RailVision solution developed by Bihrle for BNSF, it will expand its intelligent automation solutions for critical infrastructure inspections into the Energy Sector, including power line, pipeline, solar and wind turbine.


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