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Intelligent Automation

Ardenna provides the software technologies that intelligently automate the detection, classification and reporting of anomalies to provide insightful and actionable data for infrastructure inspections.


Advanced computer vision and neural network algorithms allow us to quickly put industry-specific solutions to work for you.


We continuously enhance these industry-tailored capabilities and intelligently improve detection accuracy over time.

Demonstration of Capabilities

Process Work Flow

We work with our customers and partners to determine the most appropriate point of integration for our technologies. Possibilities include integrating our intelligent automation technologies with a partner's data warehousing platform or providing a cloud-based platform directly to our customers.


We also work closely with our customers and partners across all aspects of the inspection work flow, ranging  from data capture planning through the delivery of insightful data and actionable results. This collaboration not only ensures that the data meets our specifications for automated processing, but allows us to offer customized services to meet the specific customer requirements.

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